Green Tea In Pregnancy – Side effects and benefits

Green Tea In Pregnancy - Side effects and benefits

All across the globe, green tea is a healthy drink. green tea contains antioxidants in high concentration. there are many benefits of green tea. people use green tea for medical purposes as well. in all stages of life green tea is considered a healthy and beneficial drink but is it safe to drink in pregnancy stage?

if yes, how do you make it and how much you take it during pregnancy? Can this become a part of your diet during pregnancy? let’s find out.

Green Tea In Pregnancy – Side effects and benefits

Yes, it is safe to take green tea during pregnancy but in a moderate amount. no clinical studies advise against it. Take a cup or two daily as green tea is very nutritious for the body while in pregnancy.
do not take in excessive amounts because green tea contains caffeine and epigallocatechin in it.

Green Tea In Pregnancy - Side effects and benefits

How Much Caffeine Does Green Tea Have?

A cup(8oz or 237ml) of green tea has about 24mg-45mg of caffeine. The quantity of caffeine depends upon the brewing time and the green tea brand you choose.

What Is Epigallocatechin In Green Tea?

Taking green tea while pregnant can be really helpful to the body. It is a powerful antioxidant present in the green tea. It affects the folate metabolism of the body which is very important in pregnancy stage.
Folate prevents defects of the neural tube in the fetus. green tea has Epigallocatechin In high concentration. so this component of the tea is harmful during pregnancy.

Amount of green tea safe during pregnancy

You can have three to four cups of green tea per day. Almost 200mg if caffeine is present in three to four cups. Also, you need to be aware that other things you consume also contain caffeine.
Therefore, if you take the green tea and also other things which have caffeine then this make the amount of caffeine consumed more than 200mg. So decide your diet during pregnancy and make sure it does not exceed over 200mg per day.

The benefits of drinking green tea during pregnancy

Green tea has a lot of benefits in contrasts with some other teas like black tea coffee etc. Green tea with pregnancy can have positive effects.

1. Blood pressure regulation

Green tea during pregnancy can regulate blood pressure. High blood pressure is harmful in pregnancy and can cause preeclampsia. Green tea contains antioxidants which prevent cell damage in the body.

2. Control of blood sugar

green tea controls blood sugar and monitors glucose levels in the body thus maintaining a perfect balance.

3. Dental Protection

Pregnancy can cause some dental problems as well. Green tea has an antioxidant which eliminates bacteria and viruses, therefore, keeping your gums safe,

4. Solution to skin problems

During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur which can cause breakouts and acne. it is a common problem. green tea helps in the reduction of skin problems.

5. Alleviates mood swings

Oxidants in green tea increase the rate of metabolism, which helps in countering mood changes in pregnancy. Theanine in green tea has a relaxing effect on the body which helps in the treatment of moods swings.

6. Boosts immunity

T cells provide immunity to the body. Green tea causes the T cell to stimulate and protect against mild illnesses.


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